What they wanted
Solid business operations start with a well-performing care administration. Like many healthcare institutions, the UMC struggled with burdens: there were many correcting tasks for the care administration, registration tasks for specialists, control tasks required by the insurer, and change implementation tasks imposed by the government. To depart from all this, the care administration had to switch from stopgap solutions to improvement. The goal: timely, correct, and complete registration at the source. This would allow the institution to get in control and lay a foundation for horizontal monitoring, which means that the insurer performs checks beforehand instead of afterwards.

What we did
Together, we conducted a data analysis to identify the main sore points. Subsequently, we set up an audit program for improvement projects, which we rolled out to the departments. Then, we created a process design – new in terms of content – and set up the Lines of Defense model. Management information was organized using correct and supported performance indicators. Finally, we established a program organization with stand-up and day start meetings, as well as training courses.

What we achieved
With our help, the UMC has taken a major step towards departing from correcting tasks and creating an optimal chain of registration. We created a supported Lines of Defense model and ensured commitment to registration securities. Furthermore, we introduced a new way of working, tightening priorities, project activities, and the allocation of tasks. Also, the focus has shifted to transparent communications on processes and substantive matters. Moreover, openness and feedback have improved collaboration.

What they said
The Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport has made this project an exemplary case for other care administrations. At the Congres Horizontaal Toezicht Zorg (congress for horizontal monitoring in healthcare), the case was highlighted as an example of success. The client’s feedback: “In terms of quality, IG&H has done an excellent job providing methods that we can apply in practice. IG&H made a difference. It has been tangible in the solution they offered, but also in its reception and the way it works in practice. The organization has noticed a positive energy boost.”


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