Disrupt to be customer relevant

Connecting emotionally to the way in which consumers work, shop, and live is a struggle for most of today’s retail and consumer brands. Startups and platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba aim for a frictionless customer journey that traditional retailers can’t keep up with. Technology and data analytics – such as AI – put consumers in control with a personalized offer. The result: a re-engaged consumer and a personal, trust-based relationship. Also, the retail chain and the product’s impact are no longer sustainable. So it’s time to act and make you customer relevant again. How? With a sustainable footprint for current and future generations. As a platform and disruptive force in the retail sector, IG&H is ready to help you. The question is: What difference do you want to make?

Ready to reverse societal impact?

Want to drastically improve your ecological footprint? Provide products that improve people’s health and well-being? Contribute to a more diverse ecosystem? Impact the quality of life of millions of households by working with well-versed retail expert IG&H. In collaboration with selected startup initiatives and our customers, we aim to create a more sustainable footprint. In other words, we practice what we preach. Now, let’s discuss your opportunities!

News and developments

The market is evolving rapidly. So are we! We therefore publish new client successes, vacancies and milestones regularly. In addition, as sector insiders, our own people regularly speak about current developments in the market.

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The best retail sector-insiders in the Netherlands

Our retail-team has an indept knowledge of the sector. Play to win: that’s our motto. Our integrated teams have the ability to connect, the courage to take action, and the knowledge to implement. We only play in the Champions League: we hire talent based on IQ and EQ. Because outstanding performances start with excellent teams. These consist of people with different competences and perspectives who work closely together to help you achieve your goals.

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