Aegon lays foundation for future-proof pension strategy


The pension field is really changing. Whether contributions should remain compulsory is being discussed and the client is increasingly taking control. Aegon has stated its ambition to further strengthen its position in this complex ecosystem. The challenge here is to determine the right perspective and strategy for developing the pension chain.


Way of working

Change begins with a sharp and shared joint ambition: we call this the ‘True North’. This has offered Aegon insight into the most important challenges for change. Here the important factor was the co-creation process with top management, middle management, and all the partners involved in the chain (including the companies/). Inspiring examples, creativity and good discussions together formed the content and preparation for a limited number of joint working sessions. Together with Aegon, we were able to outline the ‘True North’ in this way.

Creative communication encouraged all those involved and the stakeholders to really think through the content. In short: an unusual manner to set out a strategy.

“IG&H has given us extremely useful insights from other industries and has created movement and energy”



By determining the ‘True North’ and a pension strategy with a solid support base, we have together defined concrete challenges for change in the next 5 years. These now form the foundation for Aegon’s future.

Together with Aegon we created the energy needed to reach a long-term strategy. In doing so Aegon has taken a major step in the continued development of the pension sector towards providing better service for participants and clients.