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We bring progress, with a radical customer focus. Whether you run a retail businessa hospital, a bank, a pension fund, or an insurance company, in today’s world you are dealing with empowered consumers. Which is where we come in, because we help you be relevant for those customers. With an in-depth knowledge of your industry. That’s the very least you can expect of us.

What we do

Your customers belong at the heart of your organization. But putting them there takes courage and determination. We support you in that transformation, taking the strategy from paper to practice and reinvigorating the organization on the way.

Our footprints in the sectors

Our clients include the following retailers, hospitals, banks, pension funds and insurers:

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News and developments

The market is developing all the time, and so are we! We regularly publish landmark news, customer success stories and details of our latest vacancies, plus inspirational articles based on our market knowledge and the practical lessons our people have learnt.


news, publicaties
Grootbanken winnen terrein terug via groeiende oversluitmarkt
Michiel Elich
Financial services
IG&H start pool met interim-managers in België.
Koen Knaepen
news, publicaties
Highlights HIMSS Conference & Exhibition 2016
Jan Berkvens
IG&H Algemeen
Senior Agile Coach – Organisatie Transformatie
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Meet us

Come and meet us at our head office in Utrecht. One of the most unique and inspiring workplaces in the Netherlands. All are welcome, and you’ll soon feel at home. We’ll be proud to give you a guided tour.